Do questions generate answers?

Expressing Concerns, Thoughts and Ideas

in a creative way

by questioning our mind thoughts, whilst writing a blog!

the power of questioning

Questioning things is a creative act! Curiosity being the driver. Expressing thoughts in writing is fulfilling. Transforming existing knowledge is purposeful. 


«Έν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα» greek ancient philosopher Socrates said; and that is «I know that I know nothing».  But how do question marks help us evolve?


When you process and evaluate information, reasoning and inquiring  should go together! Can you manage yourself throughout the process?


Watching and observing helps. Active listening helps. Connecting the old and the new can be an infinite loop. Change. It already happened…


Adding that piece of the puzzle… At the right place. At the right time. The mind makes beautiful connections. But do they make sense? 

there is no comfort zone…

only a continuous process

of a never-ending learning journey

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I am a proud father!

When creativity arises from your own children, the feelings of satisfaction can be overwhelming..!

My 11 year-old daughter 

Is expressing herself in a unique, passionate and creative way. I can only be proud 🙂 Of course I have helped with setting up her site so as to post her handmade creations! Who could have resisted? You can check it out below.

Magic Art, by Xenia!

* my sincere thanks to my friend Matthew for the amazing caricature!

xenia yiannakou

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