Do we Need to Act on Climate Change?

Do we Need to Act on Climate Change?

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Do we need to act on climate change? If someone still believes that this is a cliché question then it’s better to migrate to another planet. Soon. The signals that earth gives are so many. The most worrying part is the sequence of the events. Recently I have stumbled upon the below short-clip, which I believe it worth the time to watch. It summarises quite well the heritage of our children, if we do not manage to change. Change needs to occur on a personal, family, societal, governmental and global level. But we need to start within. Always.

The below two and a half minute video by World Economic Forum, utilises research data from various global organisations, and I am afraid that the reports do not reflect a fiction cinema movie (anymore).

We are not acting fast enough on climate change, and the planet does not extend its deadlines.

Fotis Yiannakou

Can we save the planet? The day we realise that the power of collectivity is unmeasurable, then we will win this fight. So, I will ask again. Do we need to act on climate change? What will happen if we don’t? Is this what we want to leave behind us? Don’t we owe it to our children to awake ourselves? A snapshot of Earth in the next 100 years, if we do not act on climate change…


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  1. Franco says:

    Unfortunately people are driven by mass consumption and materialism practices that global corporations invent to constantly profit. Nobody respects planet earth. Things will never change. We don’t have the power. Only mother nature may alter the route, and she will!

    • That is a strong point Franco and I agree with you. I appreciate you sharing some thoughts. The only thing I would argue relates to change, as things always do change. Let us hope that the human species will make the adaptation on-time before mother nature restores order.

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