Frequently Asked Questions

What’s On Your Mind?

We are proud to state in our About Us section that “we are consumers too, you know 🙂“! Since it’s part of our vision and culture to treat each customer with utmost respect and caring, we have created the below section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with a single driving force. To create awareness of why we do things the chosen way, how we operate, and what we aim for when it comes to payments, delivery, order tracking, and returns. If the below doesn’t satisfy your needs 100% feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

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Are My Payments Secure?

To us, that is the most important question. Since we take things personally when it comes to payments, we highlight below the solutions available to our customers.

Other Important Questions

Making a Payment/Purchase

Using a Discount Coupon

Buying a Gift Card

Cost of Delivery

Duration of Delivery

Tracking My Parcel

Making Returns

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