How Can I Be Lucky?

How Can I Be Lucky?

how can I be lucky - personal strategic plan and direction
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Isn’t that a tricky question? How can I be lucky? Many people ask themselves every single day. But what is luck anyway? Cambridge dictionary defines luck as “the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities”. Do you really believe that? Is this always the case? Haven’t you never felt that chances come to you because of your own efforts or abilities? Because you fought for them? Maybe because you considered yourself smart enough to identify an opportunity? Do not be mistaken. Chances are always either against us or with us. I am not talking about odds or lucky games here. What if you could see “luck” as something you can affect? What if you had a personal direction and you align all your efforts? Can then the possible outcome “lean” towards the desired…? Does this sound silly talk? Let’s see.

Do Lucky People Have Anything in Common?

I have studied quite a few psychology books / articles in my life, I have analysed too many characters through personal interviewing, and went through (a lot) of documented literature. One researcher that (as per my humble opinion) stands out in this area, is Dr. Richard Wiseman. So I am asking again…

Do Lucky People Have any Special Characteristics?

Most likely yes. Research indicates that lucky people possess four basic psychological characteristics which the unlucky ones do not. Specifically, they 1) have the ability to maximise their chances opportunities, 2) listen to their “gut feelings”, 3) expect the good outcome, and 4) see the bright side of bad luck!

Questioning the Above…

If a person is well networked, won’t she / he have higher chances of running into someone who will or can make a positive impact in their life? What if someone has a chilled and relaxed attitude towards life itself? Won’t that help towards noticing opportunities? Now, if you like trying out new things (or new ways of doing things) and experiences won’t that promote new chances for you? What about if you are not scared to fail? If you listen to your hunches and intuition, won’t that drive you with greater chances towards achieving the wanted outcome? And what if you tried and you failed, but you won’t give up because you learned from it? Could you utilise people next to you so as to become more effective? Like organisations do? Do questions generate answers?

What Am I Trying to Say?

The mind is a powerful tool. Creative. Ambitious. Energetic. Of course there is no evidence that positive effects will actually happen to you (or me or anyone). If that’s what’s left in your mind after reading this post then you are on the wrong point of view. What I am simply trying to say, is that if one person is well equipped with passion, knowledge, competencies, network, vision and mission then it’s more likely to be a lucky person! What can you do about you?

Allow yourself to be lucky!

How Can You Allow Yourself to be Lucky?

Personally I do not believe in lucky charms, Feng Shui and rituals. But for many people these seem to work. Overall, any action that provides reinforcement to a positive mindset it helps and I embrace the concepts. But I strongly believe that the most important determinants for someone to become lucky are hard work, punctuality, habit and repetition after failure. When it comes to the latter, we need to train the brain to learn fast. It is of great value to also “test small”. The more low risk failures, the fastest the adaptability and corrective actions! Thus, the higher the chances to be “lucky” ☺ For sure it takes a lot of hard work!!


4 Responses

  1. Cassie Shadle says:

    Luck be a lady tonight

  2. Mayer N. says:

    Being lucky has nothing to do with the above. It’s about fortune that comes in your path and brings you positive outcomes, without you asking for it. That is what luck is..

    • That can be a definition of luck dear Mayer. But this post article doesn’t refer to that. I gave “Luck” a metaphorical meaning in my writing and I have tried to connect everything to a personal direction, hard work and awareness. I am sure that there is a lot of controversy on the topic. Please feel free to express your thoughts and further arguments.

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