How Can We Save the Planet?

How Can We Save the Planet?

how can we save the planet
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Can we save the planet? Well, aren’t we the ones who are already destroying it? Individuals, organisations, governments, and so forth? The global climate change effects are more than obvious the last few decades. Did you know that this century (up to 2100BC) will be the most critical one in earth’s history? What can we do then? I have stumbled upon a short video by the World Economic Forum that was promoting a really motivating practice by the city of Mexico. It relates to a simple idea which tries to tackle air pollution by recycling plastic bottles and giving income to people who need it; and I believe it is worth watching.

How is the Global Climate Changing? (According to NASA)

– The current century (and specifically the next few decades) are the most critical ones! Change is ongoing…
– Planet temperatures are continually rising.
– Our ecosystem is affected by lengthened frost-free seasons.
– We are heading towards increased heavy precipitation events.
– Summer temperatures are considered to continue rising.
– Hurricanes will continue to become stronger and more intense.
– Sea levels are rising with flooding events to be expected in many regions of the world.
– The Arctic poles are likely to become “ice-free”..!!!!

Can we save the planet - earth signals the global change

Do you Need More to Get Convinced That We Have to Save the Planet?

So If someone asked the question again… How can we save the planet? I know the answer is neither simple, nor easy. But imagine if every individual on this planet (estimated to be 7.674 billion people in 2019), did one small action every single day, we would be talking about 2.8 trillion actions in a year’s time (2,800,000,000,000!!!).

Plant a tree. Save a tree. Volunteer to clean an area. Reuse anything possible. Reduce using anything meaningless. Recycle more. Compost if/when you can. Don’t mix chemicals with water. Buy or use eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our demand drives their supply… Educate others. Educate others to educate others… The ideas and solutions can be endless (exactly like questions). Based on the “Living Planet Report 2020” there is still hope for a different future.

An amazing documentary that popped up last year is “Kiss the Ground” which you can find on NetFlix. It stresses out small and big practices we can all adopt. Both individuals and nations… You can find the trailer below.

What are you waiting for? The environment (and this planet) is something that we owe to our children. And you need to remember that, the planet does not extend its deadlines!


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