Do questions generate answers?

Question Marks ⦿ The Origins…

Question Marks ⦿ The Origins…

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Why do I have question marks in my mind? Isn’t it strange to ask such a question? I mean doesn’t it sound silly? Initially, I thought “how would others perceive it”? At the end of the day should I care that much? Is that an important factor for me? Should I honestly take into consideration the opinion of others or should I stick only to my perception of what “logic” is, or even how the world works? Do you know how many times I have questioned this text? (I don’t ☺) How did this process start anyway? Was there a specific tipping point in my life? Was I always like this but I wasn’t realising it? Or maybe do I recently feel the intensive need of expressing my thoughts in a way? Could this be because I simply can? But again, why now? Why in writing?

The Spark

Has something changed inside me? Is it due to the fact that I am nearly 40 years old and death gave me “a pat on the back” 3 times so far? Did this process originate from a journey to “uncover” my personality? In the search of “who am I“? Why was I born or why do I exist? What will I leave behind when I seize to exist? Moreover, what do I believe in? What makes me differ from others? What drives me? Or even better, what pulls me? Do I have a vision? Can I achieve my goals? How do I want to raise my children? Will my wife love me tomorrow? Will I live tomorrow? Why am I so curious? At the end of the day, who am I to write? Right? ☺ Do questions generate answers after all? Definitely maybe! Not always though…

Yet some answers were given; and this is how this blog begun; not just by luck. There was a tipping point in my life that urged my mind to enter “the loop of questioning” and I started writing. Why? Maybe I haven’t found out yet. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I don’t believe it really matters if my writing will make any difference to any other individual. I have realised that this process entails emotions of fulfilment and makes me feel alive. If that doesn’t matter then what does?

Question Marks – The Outcome

questions and answers

Following the above path, I have decided to write whenever the need arises, that is, whenever the question marks don’t stop showing up! Expressing my concerns. The topics can relate to any of my personal interests and considerations. The spark of the feeling for expressing my concerns is always alive! Areas of consideration could easily relate to self-awareness, personal direction, growth and learning, human relationships, family, or even maybe business related matters like leadership perspectives, organisational sustainability, business culture, conducting interviews, hiring employees, employee satisfaction, and so many others. I wouldn’t reject the options of inspirational quotes or motivational and educational video worth watching!

Who knows how the mind will evolve? I don’t!

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