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Who am I really? I have created this page in order to introduce myself but not in a standardised CV format (you can find that on LinkedIn). In the process of writing, I realised it’s not an easy task to self-reflect. But then again I like challenges, so here it goes…

Hi, I am Fotis!

I am a husband and a father of two lovely children, a boy and a girl of which I am very proud of. In my free time I like to exercise, enjoy quality time with people I care about, and create handmade stuff and crafts using wood. I am a person who believes in a better version of me. In my life I have made so many mistakes that helped me learn so many new things. And I have realised throughout the process of failing that it’s a great thing to make new mistakes every time. That’s when learning happens.

Why Do I Write?

A few years ago I wanted to reinvent myself and identify “Who Am I”. I disliked who I was. I realised I was imprisoned in an environment that was harming me and my family. So whilst trying to analyse the environment and myself, deciding what do I need to change, and finding my desired personal direction, I entered a non-stop process of questioning every single thought and answer. As deep as the mind could reach (you cannot imagine!). This process made me feel alive. I realised that writing is a creative path of expression! Ever since then I write. I have had scattered sticky notes and pieces of paper all over the place! Recently I made a choice to put everything together in a meaningful way. Thus I take the opportunity every now and then to throw in a few words in this blog. Expressing my concerns. For me. For a “lighter pillow”.

Expressing Concerns

I believe expressing oneself brings peace of mind. People need to connect. Connecting comes through communication. It will always be of great importance to communicate things with the right way, to the right person, and of course at the right time! So, in this blog I will be expressing my concerns in the best possible, constructive and creative way. Feel free to express your concerns by commenting on the posted articles. I would be more than happy to find out what your concerns and thoughts are!

Every person has her or his own unique finger print, right?